Hydrafeed electrolyte + Lactose

Stabilization of water and electrolyte balance to facilitate the physiological digestion for young ruminants.

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Effervescent rehydrating solution provides a temporary milk substitute for dehydrated and stressed calves and piglets due to scours, weather, nutrition or digestive problems, to rapidly and effectively rehydrate and revitalize. Hydra Feed helps maintain normal physiological balance and optimum pH by offering a source of high natural energy (lactose, the natural sugar in milk, has twice as much energy as glucose), essential nutrients and electrolytes lost during dehydration. Unique effervescent process is fast, spontaneous and complete; mixes itself with CO2 foaming action leaving no residue in suspension after dilution so calf gets the complete formula. No mixing, no stirring, ever. Palatable, appealing vanilla aroma and neutral pH entice calves to drink; makes tube feeding unnecessary. Easy-to-use, sealed granule packet allows for precise dosage every time. Contains 62.5% lactose, 5% sodium, 0.8% potassium, 7.13% raw proteins, 2% raw cellulose, sodium bicarbonate, glycine and citric acid.